Drive the Highway 101

us-highway-101The Highway 101 Association was an organization that was started by several local businesspeople and community groups who had a desire to preserve and promote the historic highway. The highway was officially named a historic site in 1998 by the State Legislature, which prompted these individuals and groups to appreciate and want others to appreciate it. The groups and individuals worked together to fund many different programs for the upkeep and development of the highway.

A few years after forming, the association came up with the idea for a “cruise” along the length of the 101 Highway, starting in the northern part of San Diego. They named it the Beach’n 101 Cruise, and it has been going strong for over four years now. It has morphed into somewhat of a classic car event, with owners of the fanciest and most eye-catching older vehicles participating in the cruise each year. This is now a huge event with thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly each year to organize and plan it. Sadly, however, the association, started by county supervisors Bill Horn and Pam Slater-Price, recently disbanded. As such, there are no plans for the annual cruise, usually held in September, for this year as of yet.

However, the former members and organizers of the association were urging visitors and residents to assemble and do the cruise on their own on September 5. Everyone was invited to meet at the coastline in San Diego North and travel to Oceanside. Many of the beach cities along the way will offered discounted meals, beverages, and more in an effort to try and keep the event going, even without formal organization. A tradition does not need an organization or an association to keep it alive. All it needs is dedicated people who appreciate the value of this historic highway.