Pharmacies on the 101 Highway

Each year, many people come out to drive the 101. “The 101” refers, of course, to the historic 101 highway, which starts out in North San Diego and meanders its way throughout California. Driving the 101 highway is a lot of fun for everyone, but far too many people make the mistake of thinking this will just be an ordinary drive down an ordinary highway, and it is not. There are not shops, restaurants, and stores for easy stopping along the way. And, perhaps most importantly for those with serious medical or health issues, there are not a lot of pharmacies where one can stop and buy medication when it is needed.

By being prepared for the event with all of the necessary medications, as well as with plenty of food and water, participants are sure to have a much better time cruising down this very special highway. Those who are prepared can focus their attention on other matters, such as going all out with a crazily decorated car or even driving a classic car for the event, as is tradition. So, start planning now so that there will be nothing to worry about when the time comes to take this historic drive.