Located in the state of California, Olivenhain is an area of the city of Encinitas. Encinitas is a beach city situated on the historic Coast Highway 101, right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean at a distance of 25 miles north of San Diego and 95 miles south of Los Angeles.

Encinitas is divided into 5 areas of which Olivenhain represents the east most part, with no direct contact to the ocean. Considered to be its own little town, Olivenhain is mostly a rural community that primarily encompasses single family homes with medium to large lots.

Reaching a top height of 180 meters above sea level, the area is made up of hills with small winding streets that go through them. Traffic can get a bit heavy due especially to a single traffic signal in the area, and it can move along slowly in the afternoons.

The name Olivenhain comes from German and means “small forest where olive trees grow”. It received its name from the German colony that settled there in the 1890s. The original settlers built a meeting hall all those years ago that has managed to remain on its feet to this very day. It is still used for community functions and celebrations, and even as a wedding site – which is very popular amongst the locals.

Various activities are held in this area of Encinitas. The community organizes summer movie series and craft fairs as well as the Haunted House. All of these, along with other civic group meetings take place at the meeting hall and on the grounds surrounding it. Every year, the biggest celebration is that of Oktoberfest, which is scheduled to coincide with the original one in Germany.

Olivenhain has an outdoor trail system that is used for hiking or horseback riding. Some of the people there keep horses on their lands. Apart from horse facilities, the area also has tennis courts and swimming pools. Hot air balloons are a common sighting in the area, especially on late afternoons and at dusk.