Located in North County, San Diego in California is the small but beautiful city of Encinitas. The little city is situated right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, at a distance of 95 miles south of Los Angeles and 25 miles north of San Diego. It is found along the historic Coast Highway 101 and is known for the Swamis surf break at Moonlight Beach.

The total area of Encinitas covers around 20 square miles that is home to a little over 50.000 people. The climate also makes for a pleasant place to live, with an average temperature of around 72 degrees and rainfall that stays within 250mm a year.

The city is divided into several areas: Old and New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Leucadia and Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The Old Encinitas is a small area by the beach that comprises businesses and some of the population’s houses that come in a variety of styles. New Encinitas is where most of the shopping centers are located, along with larger tract homes as well as a golfing course. The eastern part of the city is Olivenhain, which features single family homes and a 4-H Club in its semi-rural area. Leucadia is where the population goes to find restaurants, art galleries or other stores; single family homes can be found here as well. This region has an area bordering the coast road consisting of trees. And Cardiff-by-the-Sea occupies the south area of the city, where the Lux Art Institute and the Mira Costa College can be found. This is also a famous part of Encinitas especially due to the internationally known surfing spot named Swamis.

Every year Encinitas holds 3 festivals in the fall. The 3rd Saturday and Sunday of September is when the Wavecrest Woodie Meet and Annual OktoberFest take place. The Woodie Meet is a rally of vehicles made entirely out of wood – the biggest in the world; and OktoberFest starts at the same time as the original celebration in Germany. The formerly named Poinsettia (after the flower) is now the Annual Fall Festival and is held in November.