Carlsbad is one of the wealthiest communities in California and the entire United States known for high property values, huge median family incomes and great education. It is a seaside resort formed on the Pacific Ocean Coast, located in North County, San Diego County at almost 90 miles south of Los Angeles.

The city’s history begins with the Luiseño people, the original inhabitants of the area, who lived in Palamai village, which is now the center of Carlsbad. The area was part of Agua Hendionda ranch granted to a Don Juan Maria Marron in 1842. Carlsbad started as a whistle stop on the new California Southern Railroad. In the 1880s John Frazier, a former sailor dug a fresh-water well. The stop became known as Frazier’s Station. Frazier dug a second well that produced mineral water which proved to be chemically similar to one of Europe’s most popular health spas – Karlsbad, in the now named Czech Republic.

The Mineral Water Company was formed to take advantage of the land and the founders came up with a marketing campaign that managed to attract visitors to the area. Soon after the landscape changed as agricultural development became a primary concern and citrus fruits, avocados and olives were grown.

The city is delimited by the Buena Vista lagoon to the north and Batiquitos lagoon in the south. The community is a mix of homes and different types of businesses. The downtown area, known as Carlsbad Village is popular especially for the shopping opportunities offered. The area surrounding Palomar Airport encompasses many high-tech industries. There are several resorts offering tennis, as well as golf. Carlsbad’s beaches are popular among surfers, and are the primary location for sunbathing and barbecues.

Popular attractions of Carlsbad include LEGOLand California, the Sea Life Aquarium, the K1 Speed – a chain of indoor kart racing tracks, the Skatepark, Carlsbad Historical Society and the Museum of Making Music. Last, but not least are the beautiful beaches and lagoons.